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Mustard Brass Band -kesän avauskekkerit

lauantaina 19.5. klo 20 - 01


Jimbino Vegan - Tuba

Greg Sterling - Tenor Sax

Pearse Tamplin - Tenor Sax

Tom Monahan - Trombon

Linda Joy - Cornet

Pete Warner - Snare Drums

and Alm - Bass Drum, words of love and joy


MUSTARD BRASS BAND are a rocking funky new Orleans style second line creative musical explosion from Bristol, United Kingdom. A fantastic array of talent from the brilliant and theatrical Pete Warner on drums and Alm Nyman on vocals and bass drums, to the incredible saxophone playing styles of Piers Tamlin and the internationally renowned Greg Sterland. Not to forget Jimbino Vegans energy and Linda Joy's fantastic vibes. The team work of the band as a whole is a pleasure to witness and a joy to the ears.


If you enjoy life you will love our music and if you dont enjoy life you will after you hear our music... harmonic remedies for any ailment!

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