Restaurant Kuparipaja

Kuparivasarantie 5, 10470 FISKARS

tel. +358 (0)19 237 045

Kid’s menu



Fried sausages with French fries 6,90 €


Meatballs with mashed potatoes 6,90 €


Houses ice-cream 4,80 €


A la Carte





Duck rillettes with rhubarb and brioche 9,50



Cold smoked baltic herring with spring potatoes and horse radish 9,50



Main courses



Summer salad with smoked salmon 18,90


Summer salad marinated tofu 18,90


Catch of day   27,80


Lamb from Aland with redwine sauce onion puree and roasted potatis 27,50



Nettle, buck wheat, cashew nut sauce and summar vegetables 22,00




Black angus hamburger with french fries 18,90


Vegan burger with french fries







Almond and spruce sprout  9,50


Coconut lime posset with rhubarb sorbet   9,50



Ice cream portion  9,50





Handmade chocolate pralines  1,60 (pcs)

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